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Whilst your gaze wanders from Monte Poro to the infinite colours of the Tyrhennian Sea framed by the Aeolian Islands your taste buds will be bewitched by a sophisticated menu of select dishes chosen for the high quality of the ingredients and the originality of the recipes.

Le Pietre Volte proposes new experiences for your palate: side by side with typical Calabrese dishes prepared following traditional recipes and using traditional local techniques, our chefs propose new tastes by reinterpreting the original recipes whilst maintaining the genuine flavours of earth and sea.

“A world where a “sensorial code” is reviewed. At the table all five senses are stimulated in a unique mysterious synthesis: seduction.”

Sensorial exploration 

There where taste is the absolute protagonist, Calabrese cuisine knows how to take part in sophisticated and unexpected ways in new contests inorder to propose original sensorial experiences which exalt the authenticity of  Calabria.

An example is in the opportunity to sample sophisticated dishes and fish-based specialities as an accompaniment for your drinks, aperatifs or wine tasting opportunities during our special evenings or at events which follow one after the other at Le Pietre Volte.



In the boutique at Le Pietre Volte you can also by the excellent Calabrese products such as oils, wines, bergamot, preserves, typical Calabrian cakes and biscuits, all of which are carefully selected to offer you the best on the market.

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